What I do besides designing


Throughout my career I was involved in a lot of activities. From assignments with and for FASHION CLASH in Maastricht to several editions of an international art competition in New Zealand
Below you can find an overview of all the activities and events. If you are interested in a conversation, interview or workshop, don't hesitate to reach out !

World of Wearable Art (WoW)

WOW edition 2017

Het thema van World of Wearable Arts (WoW) 2017 was ‘rood’. Ik heb dit gebruikt in een transparante en minimalistische manier. Het binnen en buiten wordt met elkaar verbonden. Door de geometrische vormen van het kostuum te combineren met de vormen van het lichaam, treed er een interessant beeld op.

Transparency in Red

Part of the show of 2017

WOW edition 2016

With this costume I wanted to show the value of waste materials. I wanted to show the strength of these materials and make it more visible. This costume is constructed out of nets used to wrap citrus fruits.
As consumers, we produce too much waste. As a designer, I wanted to show that you can use everything as a material. It's no static costume but dynamic. There is flexibility and form giving. Single-use products still have beauty, so as I see it single-use or useless doesn't exist

Motion in Pastels

Part of the show of 2016

WOW edition 2015

A reincarnation of recycled garbage bags flies on solar energy over a green and clean world.
I like to work with unconventional materials as they often show a certain beauty . This is a complete new dimension I use to create and realise a costume.


Part of the show of 2015

WOW edition 2014

A creation of a black and white rhythm. The warm feeling of a Brazilian dance is summarised in black and white, lines, triangles, squares and other geometrical shapes.
In 2014 Tiel Janssen entered the World of Wearable Art (WoW) contest and was waarde with a second place in the category of ‘First Time Entrant’.
The show was visited by over 55.000 visitors! The Dutch ambassador attended the show personally to see the Dutch contestants receive their awards and congratulate them.
The exposition is booked by various musea in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Tiel Janssen's work travels around the world.

Colorless Rhythm

Part of the show of 2014

Art around the body in De Rijp

Performance and expositions with wearable art

Tiel2014__ICEMAN (2)

Melting iceberg



Briljant Bra


Colourless Rhythm



Distorted Communication


Kunst Om Het Lijf 2009

Black Phantasy



Virtuele Driehoeken








Fashion Clash

Interdisciplinary event about the development of fashion and fashion culture


During the three-day Fashion Clash festival in 2022, a new generation of designers and artists got the stage on this hybrid festival. The designers got the opportunity to show their talent to an (inter)national audience!
The campagne for this year was made with and by previous participants and employees. Tiel Janssen shines on one of the poster editions which were spread through Maastricht.
For more information about theFASHION CLASH festival click here!
Glamcult wrote an article and put Tiel Janssen on the front page. Click here for the article.

Fashion Clash Festival

Fashion Clash 2022


On April the 27th, King Willem Alexander celebrated his birthday in Maastricht together with the royal family. On this sunny day, FASHIONCLASH presented, together with the selected participants, their STAND-IN boards created in the workshop of November 2021.
My STAND-IN board received the first position. ere plaats helemaal vooraan.
De Limburger wrote an article, click here.
For more information about the FASHION CLASH event click here!

Birthday King Willem-Alexander

Fashion Clash 2022

The FASHION CLASH 2021 theme was to dress yourself in 1 day. To create a design which shows your expressive you
I created a composition from self fabricated lace and plastic in my favourite colours: black and white. The design consists of a large lace collar, made from recycled materials materiaal added to it a skirt.

My expressive self

Fashion Clash 2021


The designers were asked to create a new design inspired by the historical choir mantle and their meaning. The Saint Servaas basilica in Maastricht had a beautiful collection of 18th century choir mantles. They are created from the most beautiful materials and carry astonishing details.
With this inspiration the designers received the assignment to design a new choir mantle. The question is, how does this new generation look towards tradition and religion?
My design of the choir mantle contains a metaphor for the concept of religion. It is above the earth. The glow and reflection of the broken Christmas ornament (the main material the choice mantle exists off) reflect the light but doesn't capture it. It is a feeling. A glow. Beautiful but intangible.
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Choir mantle project

Fashion Clash 2018


On the 10th of September 2017 the project FabricAge (Let’s (ad)dress the people!) was revealed in the Mosae Forum in Maastricht. The project was about connecting through creativity and textile. A community made of different ages working together.
Tiel Janssen contributed to this project by introducing various techniques and working together. Together with 5 textile designers, 6 experienced artists and over 150 65+ year olds, 250 hours were filled to create a spectacular piece.

Click here for more information about the project of FASHION CLASH!!

Opening Fashion Clash

Fashion Clash 2017


During the official opening of the Fashion Clash festival in 2016 several costumes of Tiel Janssen were on stage during the openings act
Click here for more info about FASHION CLASH!!
Click here for more info about the opening! over de opening!

Opening Fashion Clash

Fashion Clash 2016

The Italian VOGUE wrote an article about FASHION CLASH in Maastricht. Tiel Janssen was mentioned explicitly “Ethnic and historical costumes made by students of The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and Antwerp were on display during the show – even as the specifically designed costumes by the Dutch designer Tiel Janssen.”
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Article in VOGUE IT

Fashion Clash 2016

Other media


1Limburg describes it as wearable art from Tiel Janssen during Carnaval. They call it “Maastrichtse haute couture for the vasteloavond (carnaval)”
Tiel says “People think they are beautiful and I always receive nice comments when I wear them on the street”, she herself sees her creations as 'wearable art'.
Read the entire article here!

Article 1limburg

February 6th 2017

LimburgToday releases an article with the header “Haute Couture with carnival in Maastricht” en says that the colourful, extravagante carnival costumes are nowhere crafted with more care and attention than in Maastricht. For artist and designer of theatre costumes and jewellery Tiel Jansen, the street carnival is the moment of the year to wear her own creations. With her Wearable Art is she a remarkable appearance every year during the Maastrichter vasteloavend (carnival).”
Read the entire article here!

Article LimburgToday

February 23rd 2017


During a broadcast from AvondGasten at L1 Tiel Janssen talks about “Can art and design be wearable?”

Guest at L1

October 27th 2014

Musea and exhibitions


In Juni 2019 werden een aantal creaties van Tiel Janssen tentoon gesteld tijdens een catwalk show. De creaties paradeerden door de gigantische tuinen onder begeleiding van een violist.
“Zeker in deze setting komen de kostuums echt tot hun recht.” Zegt Tiel Janssen. “Ze zijn gemaakt voor een drie dimensionale ruimte en ze kunnen van alle kanten bekeken en bewonderd worden.”

Glow art catwalk

Juni 2019

2016 – 2017

The Kantfabriek Horst is the first to show Tiel Janssen's creations from Maastricht. In her exhibition Tiel Janssen brings three characteristics to expression: the body, the wearer and nothing is normal, everything is special. 
The spokesperson of the Museum De Kantfabriek says “An exposition that surprises, inspires and your view on costumes and jewellery changes for ever.”
Read the entire article here!
For more information on the exhibition, click here!

TEX TIEL, wearable art from Tiel Janssen

December 11th 2016 - April 9th 2017

Workshops and Masterclasses


In February 2014 Tiel Janssen gave a lecture about Theatre costumes in odd materials at the Gilds in Maastricht.
During this lecture she talked about working with odd materials. She says “It is a means to accomplish a certain result in the imagination, or making a thought, feeling and emotion physical in the matter.” After the lecture there was an exposition with the designs from Tiel Janssen. Costumes and jewellery were on display.
If you are interested in a lecture or workshop from Tiel Janssen, don't hesitate to reach out

Theatre costumes in odd materials

February 11th 2014